Prolific Announces USB 3.0 Host to Host File Transfer IC

Prolific Technology and ProlificUSA ( have announced their latest USB 3.0 connectivity IC. The PL27A1 is a single-chip SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Host-to-Host file transfer IC. Designed for Windows USB Easy Transfer cables and the Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer (WET) program or Prolific’s PCLinq file ransfer software, it can transfer files at up to 5GbpsSuperSpeed USB and is backward compatible with all USB3.0/USB2.0/USB1.1 hosts, devices, and hubs. The PL27A1 supports Windows and Mac OS, with Linux and Android support coming soon.

Prolific’s PCLinq file transfer software. PCLinq is a versatile, user-friendly file management program that allows the end-user to see and control file directories on both computers at the same time. End-users can easily drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste files and folders between remote and local computers as well as creating new folders and changing file attributes. It’s a fast and easy way to transfer files between an old and new PC or between a Mac and PC.

The PL27A1 also supports read-only BOT (Bulk-only transfer) devices using USB Mass Storage mode and Windows built-in drivers that allows application programs like PCLinq to be stored in the external SPI flash memory. No other drivers or software need to be loaded.

The PL27A1 supports external SPI Flash which allows vendors to customize USB vendor and product ID’s, as well as 2 LED indicators for connection and transfer status.It also features built-in 5V to 3V regulator and 30MHz crystal.

The PL27A1 is available to OEM’s and VAR’s as an LQFP-64 chip or a ready made cable.

Prolific Technology Inc. is a fabless IC company who has been developing connectivity solutions for  almost 20 years. Tectona Electronics Inc./ProlificUSA is the sole agent for Prolific products in the Americas.