PT3601A General Purpose Hall Effect Latch

The PT3601A is designed for magnetic actuating using a bipolar magnetic field.

PT3601A – General purpose Hall-effect Latch


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The built-in dynamic offset cancellation of pre-amplifier stage achieves optimal symmetrical magnetic sensing. This Hall effect IC is optimal for DC brushless fan application . The supply voltage range is from 2.5V to 18V and the maximum output current is 25mA.


  • DC brushless motor
  • VCD/DVD loader, CD/DVD-Rom
  • Cover detector
  • Speed Measurement
  • Home appliances
  • Home safety


  • 2.5V to 18V operation
  • Built-in dynamic offset cancellation
  • Small size
  • High balance and low thermal drift magnetic sensing
  • ESD protected to 8KV

Order Information

PT3601A-S /PKG:SOT23

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