PL2551 Hi-Speed USB General Purpose Device Controller

The PL2551 is a single chip Hi-Speed USB 2.0 General-Purpose Microcontroller (MCU). It provides customer a cost-effective and time-to-market USB device controller solution.


With diversity of IO ports and peripherals, it can easily interface with various external devices and applications such as motion sensor, modem, CMOS sensor, medical/healthcare, industrial, fingerprint, security, and others. Flexible endpoint configuration including its buffer partition allows users to easily establish control of isochronous in/out (ISO),
bulk-in/out or interrupt in/out (INT) pipes to communicate with USB host. In addition, it is possible to configure the chip as a composite or a compound device. The PL2551 is designed to be flexible, high performance and easy-to-use so that customers can easily implement into their products.


  • Full compliance with Universal Serial Bus Specification v2.0
  • On-chip USB transceiver and Serial Interface Engine (SIE)
  • Default Control Endpoint and 15 Programmable Endpoints
  • Configurable 4KB FIFO sharing by 15 endpoints
  • Advanced interrupt mechanism to ease the handshake overhead
  • 32 GPIO pins. For supporting Image Sensor I/O, LED, interrupt and other extensions
  • Supports direct connection to standard CMOS Image Sensor
  • Supports I2C Master/Slave up to 1MHz
  • Supports SPI Master/Slave up to 10MHz
  • Supports four 8 bits resolution PWM interface for LED/Fan control
  • Supports Embedded Multi-Media Card (eMMC) Specification v4.5
  • Supports USB composite device
  • Embedded 1T 80C32-compatible microcontroller with system clock selectable (up to 60 MHz)
  • Embedded 8KB SRAM for program memory or cache
  • Supports CPU directly accessing FIFO
  • Embedded 48KB Flash to store program and data
  • Provides Flash data protection mode to protect contents of Flash
  • Supports In System Programming (ISP) function
  • On-chip 5V-3.3V-1.8V regulator
  • LQFP package types:LQFP48 & LQFP64

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