Prolific USB Host to Host & General Purpose Controllers

Host to Host

The Prolific host to host bridge controllers are single chip solutions designed for file transfer, networking and resource sharing over USB host ports. They can be used with Windows Easy Transfer cables and Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer program or Prolific’s ULinq software. Computers can be connected in a peer-to-peer network in various configurations, without the overhead and complicated configurations of Ethernet networks. Host to host cables can also be combined with USB hubs to build low-cost, scalable KVM’s. Both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 solutions are available.

The USB 2.0 offering is a lower cost solution that allows file transfer and networking.

The USB 3.0 solutions can provide not only file transfer and networking, but also allow resource sharing, so users can share display, storage and multimedia capabilities, as well as HID’s. They are multi-platform, multi-OS and multi-USB Class, so for example Windows and Mac or Linux devices can be connected and share a screen and HDD.

General Purpose

The PL2551 is a single chip Hi-Speed USB 2.0 General-Purpose Microcontroller (MCU). It provides customers a cost-effective and time-to-market USB device controller solution. With a diversity of IO ports and peripherals, it can easily interface with various external devices and applications such as motion sensors, modems, CMOS sensors, medical/healthcare, industrial, fingerprint, security, and others. Flexible endpoint configuration, including its buffer partition, allows users to easily establish control of isochronous in/out (ISO), bulk-in/out or interrupt in/out (INT) pipes to communicate with the USB host. In addition, it is possible to configure the chip as a composite or a compound device. The PL2551 is designed to be flexible, high performance and easy-to-use, so that customers can easily implement it into their products and comes in LQFP40 and LQFP64 packages.