USB Storage

PL-2771 SuperSpeed USB3.0 to SATAII Bridge Controller

The PL2771 is a single-chip SuperSpeed USB3.0 to SATAII compliant bridge controller that is designed to perform seamless protocol transfer between the USB3.0 and SATAII interface. It supports latest USB3.0 superspeed with 5Gb/s bandwidth. SuperSpeed USB 3.0(5Gb/s) delivers ten times the performance of Hi-Speed USB 2.0(480Mb/s) while offering backward compatibility with the billions of USB-enabled PCs and peripheral devices. It is fully backward compatible to all USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 hosts and operates under SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed, and Full-Speed USB connections. The PL2771 also has an embedded high performance 8-bit microcontroller that can be used to support versatile system applications such as one button backup, power control, and other features for USB port. The PL2771 is implemented according to the USB Mass Storage Class driver and latest UASP driver.


  • Compliant with USB 3.0 and USB2.0 Specification
  • Serial ATA Revision 2.6 Specification Compliant
  • Ultra-low power 1.2V core operating voltage by 0.13um process
  • USB3 bus power operation
  • Multi-function General Purpose IO (GPIO) pins can be defined for USB speed LED, button inputs, and other special functions.
  • Applications support : OTB, Autorun/Password, Capacity Indicator, Power management
  • Support Serial ATA hot-plug
  • Support single 30MHz reference clock
  • Firmware upgradeable through USB interface
  • Support PWM interface and generic SPI/I2C master/slave interface
  • Provide SDK for General Purpose IO pins for further applications
  • Package Type : LQFP64

Datasheets & Notices

Name Download
PL-2771 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to SATA Bridge Controller Product Datasheet Download

Drivers & Software

Name Download
PL277x HDD Software Utilities All-In-One Installer Executable Program
For Windows XP/Vista/7

For Prolific PL2771 & PL2773 USB 3.0 Chips Only
Includes following:
(1) Prolific Capacity
(2) Prolific USBFast w/ User Manual
(3) Prolific Backup w/ User Manual
(4) Prolific iSMART w/ User Manual

PL2x7x Prolific Storage Backup Software Utility for Mac OS (USB Only)
System Requirement: Mac OS X 10.5 and above

For Backup Function, Restore Function, P1_7 Backup Button
Includes User Manual

PL2771 Windows 98SE USB Mass Storage Driver
NOTE: For USB 2.0 Mode Only (USB 3.0 does not have Win98 host driver)

Reference Design Guide

Name Download
PL2771 LQFP64 (For Self-Power Device) Reference Schematic Download
PL2771 QFN48 (For Bus-Power Device) Reference Schematic Download
PL2771 USB 3.0 SATA Bridge Controller PCB Layout Guide Download

Application Note & User Manual

Name Download
PL2771 SPI Flash Supported List Download
PL2771 AutoRun (Virtual CDROM) and LockToGo Security Program Application Note Download

MP Tools (For Vendors Only)

Name Download
PL277x Multi-Port Manufacturing (MFG) Kit Tool Program
PL277x Multi-Port Manufacturing (MFG) Kit Tool Program
For Production Use Only
Includes User Manual PDF

Firmware (For Vendors Only)

Name Download
PL2771 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Update Firmware Hex File
Firmware Version: 20120323 (Checksum: CF57)
NOTE: Use PL2771 MFG Kit to update firmware
PL2771 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Update Firmware Hex File
Firmware Version: 20110628 (Checksum: C591)
For ODD/BD Device Only
NOTE: Use PL2771 MFG Kit to update firmware