About Us

Prolific Technology Inc. is a leading IC design house and ASIC design service provider.

ProlificUSA.com was created primarily to facilitate and target the distribution of the Prolific (Technology Inc.) product line to the electronics marketplace in the Americas. One of our main functions is to provide our Distribution and OEM Partners in North, Central, and South America with marketing support and technical assistance, so as to better help these partners serve their customer’s needs. Our seasoned and knowledgeable team is comprised of Sales Engineering Professionals and Certified Field Representatives, all of whom have a combined working experience totaling well over a century. Functioning in conjunction with parent company Tectona Electronics Inc., ProlificUSA.com is capable of providing guidance and expertise for all facets of the design-build process.

Prolific Technology Inc. is a leading IC design house and ASIC design service provider. Founded in November 1997 by a group of highly experienced and specialized technical engineers, Prolific started out by developing Smart I/O IC solutions, which focused mainly on niche USB/IEEE 1394 bridge controller products. Prolific then ventured in the Mixed-Mode technology development, successfully having designed Brushless Motor Driver IC and Hall Sensors.

Moving evermore towards 3C integration, Prolific committed more efforts and resources in both SOC development and the integration of competitive multimedia (MPEG-4/JPEG/MP3) and GPS products. In continuing to introduce new technologies for existing IC products, Prolific continues to offer customers a wider range of product solutions. Through System Integration Technologies, Prolific envisions the growth from a Professional IC Design House to a leading SOC Core Technology Pioneer.

The phrase “Technology for Tomorrow” as currently associated with the Prolific logo, further defines the vision that will propel both the Prolific brand and the Prolific product line into the future as the company continues to evolve into a major world-class Technology Designer, Provider, and Partner.